The Portable Video Case

The Portable Video Case (PVC) is in a protective wheeled case with an internal 24 inch LED screen,  a 200 watt power bank that provides over 4 hours of uninterrupted usage, a storage compartment large enough to a Mavic size drone and a Sunshade to reduce glare.

The PVC provides these 3 ways to connect to the box:

** some devices will need a supported app to connect wirelessly.

Note: Wirelessly connection will introduce some lagging when device is further away between the case and the transmitting device.

Possible applications that can be use with the PVC:

The case comes with 3 different colors: Black, Blue, Yellow and Gray. You have the option to pick which color you prefer without any additional charge.

The cost for the Portable Video Case is $899 not including shipping and handling.

During check out remember to select the case preferred color






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